Network & Infrastructure

Network 1

National Connections

• 10/100 Gbps ports at various cities throughout Turkey

• High capacity IP transit connections to international global networks

• Direct peering with national and local ISPs and content providers


Features of TurkNet Network Access Points

• Fiberoptic connections

• Infrastructure supporting Metro Ethernet and SDH networks

• Connection of ADSL, VDSL and G. SHDSL via Bit-stream Access (BSA) throughout Turkey

• Redundant infrastructure designed for Virtual private network (MPLS VPN) services through the extension of the Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)

• UPS, generator, automatic fire detection and protection system, climate control

• Germany pop point

• Redundant infrastructure capable of providing a High Service Guarantee

• Various and high-capacity audio points of interconnections (PSTN/GSM/VOIP)


International Connections

• Own fiber output and radio link redundant connections abroad over Bulgarian border

• Interconnections and direct IP transit connections with international operators for data services and telephone services

Network 2
Carrier Neutral Datacenters where you can
connect to TurkNet’s Network
  • TurkNet Gayrettepe
  • Equinix IS2
  • MedNautilus
  • Equinix (Ancotel) – Frankfurt
  • TurkNet Datacenter – Esentepe / Istanbul
  • MedNautilus – Cobanceşme / Istanbul
  • Equinix – Ümraniye / Istanbul
  • Premier DC - Eyüp / Istanbul
  • Comnet – Bahçelievler / Istanbul
  • Borsa Istanbul – Sariyer / Istanbul
  • Radore – Metrocity AVM / Istanbul
  • IBM Izmir – Bayraklı / Izmir
  • Frankfurt Equinix – Frankfurt / Germany
  • Sofia Telepoint – Sofia / Bulgaria
For the complete list please contact us

TurkNet covers whole Turkey

TurkNet is investing heavily in his own infrastructure as well has the best relations with 3rd party suppliers to deliver best service all over the country.

City Networks in the
most important Cities

TurkNet has built his own Fiber networks in the most important cities of Turkey. Is your company interested to build his own City Rings? Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information and the full list of cities!
Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information and the full list of cities!

Network Box 1

Covering all Business Districts and Urban
areas of all major cities in Turkey

We provide best connectivity to all important Residential and Business districts in all major cities as well as all carrier neutral Data Centers. Example Istanbul : TurkNet is present in 31 of 39 districts in Istanbul and has has 3 Bosphorus Fiber Lines Crossing the Bosphorus and providing tripple redundancy and network stability.

İcon 1 Fiber Optic Cable
Network 1