R & D

Turknet R&D allows TurkNet to stay
on top of its competition.

TurkNet R&D center continues with the mission of increasing the service quality and developing memorizing services with international innovative applications. TurkNet R & D works on development of infrastructures and platforms that are enviromental friendly, innovative, easy to integrate and can be developed quickly in order to increase the quality of business processes and services as well as developments of safe infrastructure and applicatiion in cyber securtiy forcus and more…
Some works done:

• In-house designing and development of information systems in order to increase technology efficiency of TurkNet services
• Introducing new services to customers through innovative product design & development and installation of necessary infrastructures for managing these services
• TurkNet Backbone's design and installation of systems for continous monitoring
• And lots of more to come!

We love to be the
We at TurkNet know that we can do better because we are smaller which makes us more innovative!