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TurkNet delivers innovative services with best-experienced Support for our customers.

Internet Services

  • IP Transit
  • Peering Access
  • Direct Internet Access

Access & Ethernet

  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Peering Access

IP VPN Services

  • Private Line Transmission (VPN)


  • Colocation
  • City Network

Datacenter Interconnect Services

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Access & Ethernet
Datacenter Interconnect

Internet Services

IP Transit

TurkNet IP Transit service offers highly reliable and robust local and global connectivity to protect and support your business.

With outstanding customer support, transparent process procedures and competitive pricing, it’s ideal for broadband providers, content network providers, cloud-based service providers and telecom operators.

Peering Access

TurkNet delivers its peering customers a long-term and high-quality service environment and rapidly growing network ecosystem in Turkey, which you can rely on and grow your business with.

TurkNet delivers its customer not only a list of the most importand peering points for Turkey and international we connect you to the most strategic points in Turkey. Turknet Peering service enables you to interconnect with a multitude of networks directly. You will exchange internet traffic using only one connection and cross connect.. When you connect to our Peering Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), you become a part of TurkNet Internet Exchange. With us, you can connect to local and international networks.

Direct Internet Access

TurkNet’s high- speed, high- performance, Internet access offers the Support & scalibility you expect from Turkey’s best alternative operator. We offer nationwide a variety of bandwidth increments, access methods like asymmetrical broadband or symmetrical high speed metroethernet that can be customized for solutions to meet your customers’ unique needs. Dedicated Internet can be seamlessly integrated into your existing private network, giving you simple Internet access from any device, at any time. We guarantee your upload and download speeds with a service level agreement.

Access and Ethernet Services

Carrier Ethernet

TurkNet Carrier Ethernet Service is ideal for operators to bring their end customers with reliable Layer 2 connectivity to their own network. UNI or NNI delivery is available and Carrier Ethernet Service can be activated nationwide as point-to-point, point- to- multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint, tagged or transparent. The access methodology can be either over fiber or EFM. TurkNet rapidly installs his own fiber network in major Turkish cities with access to all business districts. EFM is provisioned over Local Loop Unbundling which is uniqe to TurkNet who is the only operator in Turkey provoviding this technology.

Private Line Transmission

TurkNet’s Private Line Service offers TDM connectivity with high SLA both nationwide and international level.

IP VPN Services

Private Line Transmission (VPN)

TurkNets Ethernet Private Line Service is a more flexible, reliable, higher bandwith alternative to the traditional lines. This Service is idaeal for sensitive data applications and allows users to bypass the public Inernet and securely transmit traffic over the private connection backed by an SLA.



Our Data Center is located in the heart of Istanbul and the telecoms and bank district. TurkNet Data Center is an ISO 27001 certificated Data Center and provides the highest standards of security, energy, cooling and monitoring. TurkNet’s Data Center with his international standards provides services at Tier-3 level and guarantees the continuity of your business with 99.99% SLA (Service Level Guarantee).With his multiple fiber output, TurkNet’s Datacenter offers you the possibility of interconnect with Operators in all independet and carrier neutral data centers.

City Network

TurkNet builds its own Fiber City Networks in all major cities of Turkey. TurkNet continues its expansion throughout the most important cities in Turkey and delivers private city networks to his wholesale customers. The strategy is to build the network so that we cover the most populated areas and business districts of the cities. We currently serve 14 cities. As an example Istanbul’s population is %85 covered. We also make sure our fiber has dual building entrance in all the carrier neutral datacenters in these major cities.

Datacenter Interconnect Service

TurkNet’s Datacenter Interconnect Service

TurkNet’s Datacenter Interconnect service is available in and between most important Datacenters in Istanbul / Turkey. With this service we help our customer to connect multiple data centers within their organization in very fast time.

– High Bandwith
– Easily Upgradable
– Own redundant Fiber Network
– Very fast delivery
– Affordable Prices
– High SLA

Here are some of the carrier neutral datacenters TurkNet’s Datacenter Interconnect Service is offered, for the complete list please Contact Us

TurkNet Datacenter – Esentepe / Istanbul
MedNautilus – Cobanceşme / Istanbul
Equinix – Ümraniye / Istanbul
Premier DC – Eyüp / Istanbul
Comnet – Bahçelievler / Istanbul
Borsa Istanbul – Sarıyer / Istanbul
Radore – Metrocity AVM / Istanbul
TT Esenyurt – Esenyurt / Istanbul
Turkcell – Gebze / Kocaeli

Voice Services


Turknet offers guaranteed delivery of premium services, CLI, roaming and fax through direct connections to all mobile operators and to Incumbent for a top-quality termination You have the opportunity to bring your termination traffic to TurkNet at reasonable prices and get reliable service.