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Internet services

High-speed Direct Internet Access, interconnection with a multitude of networks via Peering Access, reliable and robust local and global connectivity with IP Transit.

Access & ethernet

TurkNet rapidly installs its own fiber network in major Turkish cities with access to all business districts.

IP VPN services

Securely transmitting traffic over private connection powered by SLA with VPN service dedicated for sensitive data applications.


Strong infrastructure with continuously developed in the most important cities of Turkey, fiber city networks for wholesale customers.


High bandwith and SLA, easily upgradable, own redundant fiber network, fast delivery, affordable prices.

Voice services

Guaranteed delivery of premium services, CLI, roaming and fax through direct connections to all mobile operators.

Internet Services
Access and Ethernet Services
IP VPN Services
Datacenter Interconnect Service
Voice Services

Internet Services

IP Transit

Peering Access

Direct Internet Access

Access and Ethernet Services

Carrier Ethernet

Private Line Transmission

IP VPN Services

Private Line Transmission (VPN)



City Network

Datacenter Interconnect Service

TurkNet’s Datacenter Interconnect Service

Voice Services



We are not only easy to reach and understand – we also belive that simplicity is the key for success. We do not like confusion in what we do!


We like to be fast in Response and Lead Time. Help you to deliver the best service to your customer! We are clever enough to know time is money!


We deliver you flexible bandwith and service options


We believe in honesty and we are always open for discussion. We don’t say we do not make mistakes, but we learn from them and we do not repeat them.


Our commitment is to deliver the Service in agreed Leadtime and Bandwith.


We love what we do! We are passionate about the WWW services!

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Sharing Experience

With TurkNet Wholesale you know whom you are speaking with and our team has the experience to understand your needs. Your dedicaded project Manager informs and leads you to all the project steps and helps you with clever and innovative tips to reap more profit!

After Sales Service

With TurkNet you know where your project stands and what the next steps are. Our dedicated team informs you about all processes and progress of your service. You can also find all relevant information on our next gen Customer Care Online portal that helps you to follow the next steps!

Always Accesible

We are always one phone call or an e-mail away and happy to help! Our customers all over the World can reach our English-speaking engineers 24 / 7 and get the best direct support.

Customer Care Online Service

TurkNet’s Customer Care Online Service will allow you to view your company information, see your active services listed with all relevant information, view your invoices, open trouble tickets to our support team and Query our system for service availability information. Our Customers enjoy the easy way to communicate with us!

Turknet R&D allows TurkNet to stay on top of its competition