SD-WAN Network

TurkNet can deliver you a network with best connectivity, easily upgradable, very fast in delivery and of course to best price guarantee!

Do you need a reliable connectivity for your SD-WAN project in Turkey?

We are here to help you! TurkNet can deliver you a network with best connectivity, easily upgradable, very fast in delivery and of course to best price guarantee!

How Can TurkNet Help You With Your SD-WAN Networks Needs in Turkey?

  • Ease of ICOM (Installation, Configuration, Operations and Management) on TurkNet’s Network
  • TurkNet delivers you with Flexible Network Deployment Options
  • We help you to deploy your Transport-Independent Design for your customers
  • You will be able to make Network Service Insertion we support all your network needs
  • We deliver you Scalable, Redundant and Resilient Control and Data Plane which you can use for your customer
  • Very deliver all services to a very sensitive price!

What is SD-WAN?

Software- defined wide area networking in short SD-WAN is the leading technology of connecting many offices / locations within one enterprise and then to the cloud or whatever needs to be connected. We as TurkNet help you with the best connectivity to do this seamless for your customer so that you can deliver the best service.

These Days Businesses need to be closer to their customers and respond to market demand as quickly as possible, which means supporting both workers and customer-facing services in distributed branches. However, we are aware that branch deployments from an IT perspective are correctly reputed to be slow when using hardware. With using software components instead of hardware components, we can speed up the setup and help you to control your network via your own SD-WAN software!

Advantages of SD-WAN for your customer

Software-Defined WAN provides the advantages typically associated with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in data centers but for wide area network solutions for enterprise branch offices. Both SDN and SD-WAN virtualize resources to provide accelerated services delivery, better performance and improved availability by automating network deployment and management while improving return on investment and reducing the total cost of ownership of your company.

How does SD- WAN work?

SD-WAN provides a software abstraction to create a network overlay and decouple network software services from underlying hardware WAN circuits.

With the new abstraction your IT managers can control and manage their network more easily than has been possible with managing underlying hardware for WAN networks. This network overlay provides your customer a common interface across different physical components to ease the overall network administration and enables you as network owner to develop your own infrastructure-independent applications.

What does SD-WAN do?

SD-WAN » Virtualizes the network » Enables a secure overlay » Simplifies services delivery » Provides interoperability » Leverages cost effective hardware » Supports automation with business policy framework » Monitors usage and performance » Supports interoperable and open networking » Enables managed services – We as TurkNet help you with your SD-WAN network needs.