Speedtest Intelligence® Top Fixed Broadband Providers Results in Turkey, Q1 2023

TurkNet has been awarded fastest fixed internet service provider of Turkey again with 58.85 Mbps median download speed whereas Turkey’s average download speed is 33.32 Mbps in Q1 2023. TurkNet users also had lowest median multi-server latency (15ms) and the highest consistency score during Q1’23, with %79 of results showing at least a 25 Mbps minimum download speed and 3 Mbps minimum upload speed and lowest according to Speedtest Intelligence report. Another contributor to TurkNet’s high scores is its focus on quality managed Wi-Fi.  TurkNet has launched SmartyFi, a managed Wi-Fi product and as its adoption increases we expect Wi-Fi bandwith scores to increase further.

TurkNet offers broadband services over both the incumbent’s as well as it’s own 1m+ HP FTTH GPON network.  Already offering highest average speeds on the incumbent network, TurkNet’s symmetric gigabit offering on its own network has further increased performance.  TurkNet’s fiber expansion as well as rapid take-up of it’s GigaFiber offering indicate average speeds will continue to increase in the periods ahead.

Fastest Providers - Download

Speedtest Intelligence® reveals that among  top fixed broadband providers in Turkey in Q1 2023, TurkNet delivered the fastest median download speed at 58.85 Mbps.

Median Multi-Server Latency 

Our fixed broadband multi-server latency results in Q1 2023 showed that among top providers, TurkNet registered the lowest median multi-server latency in Turkey at 15 ms.


In measuring the consistency of each fixed broadband provider’s performance, we found that TurkNet had the highest Consistency in Turkey during Q1 2023, with 79.3% of results showing at least a 25 Mbps minimum download speed and 3 Mbps minimum upload speed. 

Solution to Speed and Coverage Issues: AI-Powered Smart Wi-Fi

TurkNet has once again changed the internet experience in Turkey by launching an innovative service: TurkNet SmartyFi.  By using artificial intelligence technology in this new service, the wireless internet experience exclusively for GigaFiber customers has become faster, safer and more efficient.

  • TurkNet SmartyFi, with its 4×4 antenna router, covers every corner of the house and optimizes internet speed for multiple internet uses.
  • It overcomes possible connection problems in large, thick-walled, or multi-story homes with the internet booster feature.
  • With AI-powered performance and fault management, it offers the best Wi-Fi experience.
  • Using network prioritization, it offers a customized internet experience for users. It detects high-traffic platforms such as Netflix, Zoom Meeting, and Xbox, discovering the potential of the device and automatically optimizing it for the best experience.