About TurkNet

Founded in 1996, TurkNet is Turkey’s most powerful independent next generation telecom operator providing access, fixed telephone, private virtual network, data center, cloud computing and hosting services to meet the communication needs of individuals and businesses in the telecom market. 

TurkNet, one of Turkey’s 100 largest IT companies, is always expanding its local, national and international connections to offer innovative products; large-scale broadband and fiber-based infrastructure investments. TurkNet’s widespread, strong backup and high-capacity backbone is designed to provide quality and reliable services in accordance with the people and institutions needs in every region of Turkey.

With its continious investments, innovations and the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction with technical expertise, TurkNet continues to be one of the important players in the Turkish Telecom market.

TurkNet Residential

TurkNet currently has more than 800K residential internet and landline subscribers, and is growing each day. In 2016, TurkNet launched a new generation web and call center sales method closing the dealer shops in the residential market and hence significantly lowered the costs. As a result, in 2016 TurkNet started to offer internet service to all customers without a commitment contract providing the highest speed internet supported by the user’s infrastructure, 150 GB Fair Usage Quota and 1,000 minutes of monthly telephone service to all directions. 

TurkNet has also established its own devices with LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) into Türk Telekom stations which provides significant saving in wholesale data costs. Thanks to this saving, in April 2017 TurkNet removed Fair Usage Quota (FUQ) from all customers in TurkNet’s active infrastructure. In September 2017, TurkNet became the first operator by removing Fair Usage Quota for all its customers. TurkNet currently has LLU investments in more than 26 cities and in over 200 Türk Telekom stations.

TurkNet provides sales through turk.net and via its call center 0850 288 80 80.

TurkNet Corporate

TurkNet provides internet and voice services to large scale Enterprises and Public Institutions via VAE (Bit-Stream Access), TurkNet’s YAPA (LLU -Local Loop Unbundling) and Fiber Optic Infrastructure. TurkNet offers its customers a wide range of access services and its own value-added services at high bandwidths from 256 Kbps to 10 Gbps. TurkNet currently has 2,500 corporate customers.

TurkNet MPLS VPN service enables corporate companies continuous, secure and high performance data communication with their offices, factories, dealers, agents and distributors throughout the country. TurkNet offers SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Logo, CRM, ERP and dealer automation applications for companies running online, safe and scalable connection solutions, SLA-compliant, xDSL, Leased Circuit, and Metro Ethernet access options for all sizes of offices in Turkey.

The telephone needs of corporations are met by the new generation Internet-based voice services or with conventional voice services. With next generation telephony services, organizations can save up to 40% on telephone costs. In addition, TurkNet also provides special numbers that can be called anywhere in Turkey without entering the city code starting with 0850.

Serving since 2000, the TurkNet data center hosts TurkNet’s own POP, located in the center of the business districts of Istanbul. TurkNet Data Center, has international standards, serves at Tier-3 level and guarantees the continuity of businesses with 99.99% SLA (Service Level Agreement). As one of the founding members of TNAP (Turkey Network Infrastructure Platform), TurkNet offers the best national and international IP access services in the data center through backed up and high capacity fiber optic connections. TurkNet Data Center offers organizations flexible bandwidth up to 10 Gbps.

For details and corporate sales service kurumsal.turk.net / 0212 315 17 17

TurkNet SME

In 2017, TurkNet repositioned its voice and internet (broadband) services for SME’s, offering a wide range of affordable solutions in accordance with their internet and voice needs.

Serving with the mission “your communication partner” in 81 provinces of Turkey, TurkNet provides its SME customers internet with wide range of download speeds, telephony services and dynamic or static IP adresses with a “best price guarantee” principle and advantage. Customers can choose from a broad spectrum of offers and bundles in line with their business model.

TurkNet’s all-inclusive solutions for SME’s differ from its competitors by offering internet service without FUQ (Fair Usage Quota) and 1,000 minutes voice service together. TurkNet currently has over 30K subscribers in the SME segment.

For details and SME sales service turk.net/kobi / 0850 288 30 30